AA Australia audio materials price list

All literature listed here is AA conference-approved. It is available for sale at local meetings. Members buying quantities of literature for their group should order through their local Central Service Office (CSO).

Audio material

Compact discs
Code Description Price
01BD-01 Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book (16 CDs) Full 4th Edition includes stories. $100.00
01BD-01A Alcoholics Anonymous (5 CDs) Basic Text: Prefaces and Pages 1-164. $35.00
01BD-02 12 Steps And 12 Traditions (4 CDs) $50.00
01BD-03 Living Sober CD Set (4 CDs) $50.00
01BD-04 Old Timers Meeting July 2007 ( 6 Disc set) $50.00
04UC-03CD Bill Discusses the Twelve Traditions $8.00
The Titles below are 2 CD sets
08GVD-01 What We Were Like $10.00
08GVD-02 History Lights The Way $10.00
08GVD-03 Sponsorship Vol 1 $10.00
08GVD-04 Sponsorship Vol 2 $10.00
08GVD-05 Old Timers Corner $10.00
08GVD-06 Our Experience Has Taught Us $10.00
08GVD-07 Pathways To Spirituality $10.00
08GVD-08 Maintaining Spirituality $10.00
08GVD-09 Around The Tables - Attitudes $10.00
08GVD-10 Around The Tables - Defects of Character $10.00
08GVD-11 Practice These Principles $10.00
08GVD-15 Back to Basics Vol 1 $10.00
08GVD-16 Back to Basics Vol 2 $10.00
08GVD-17 Not for Newcomers Only Vol 1 $10.00
08GVD-18 Not for Newcomers Only Vol 2 $10.00
08GVD-24 Youth Enjoying Sobriety $10.00