AA Australia pamphlet pricelist

All literature listed here is AA conference-approved. It is available for sale at local meetings. Members buying quantities of literature for their group should order through their local Central Service Office (CSO).


Code Description Price
03R-01 This is AA $0.55
03R-02 44 Questions $0.90
03R-03 Is AA for You? $0.50
03R-04 Young People and AA $0.95
03R-05 AA for the Woman $1.10
03R-06 A Member's Eye View of AA $1.10
03R-07 AA for the Older Alcoholic $1.45
03R-08 Memo to an Inmate who may be an Alcoholic $1.20
03R-09 How It Works $0.40
03R-10 The AA Member - Medications and Other Drug $1.10
03R-11 A Newcomer Asks $0.55
03R-12 Do you think you're different? $1.10
03R-13 Letter to a Woman Alcoholic $0.85
03R-14 Questions and Answers on Sponsorship $1.10
03R-15 Is there an Alcoholic in your life? $1.10
03R-16 AA & the Armed Services $1.95
03R-17 Problems Other Than Alcohol $0.70
03R-18 Too Young? $1.10
03R-19 It sure beats sitting in a cell $1.50
03R-20 AA and the Gay/Lesbian Alcoholic $1.45
09F-01 AA at a Glance $0.02
09F-02 Where Do I go from here? $0.02
09F-03 Carrying the message inside prisons $0.01
09F-04 Message to Teenagers $0.01
09F-05 Memo to a Group Treasurer $0.01
09F-06 The DCM $0.01
09F-07 The AA Group Secretary $0.01
03R-21 The Jack Alexander Article About AA $1.30
03R-25 The Twelve Steps Illustrated $1.25
03R-26 Is AA for Me? $1.10
03R-28 How Did I End Up Here? $0.80
03R-29 Making A Start In AA $0.75
03R-30 AA For The Aboriginal Woman $0.50
03R-31 AA For Aboriginal People $0.50
03R-32 AA For the Indigenous Australian (26 page booklet) $1.50